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Jinan Food Expo 2019




Jinan Food Expo 2019

2019年 09月 27日 - 2019年 09月29日

Western Jinan Exhibition

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Seasonings: clear soup base material | hot pot base material dipping material | bone soup clear soup | bacterium soup | capsicum oil | pepper oil and raw materials of Capsicum oil, etc.

Special dishes: beef and mutton | fur stomach | louvers | bezoar throat | fans | vegetable balls | shrimp slippery | chafing dish noodles | bean products, etc.

Hot pot equipment: induction cooker | copper hotpot products | dishwasher | dishwasher | slicer | lampblack purification equipment | hot pot tables and chairs, etc.

Drinks and Intelligent Catering Services: Juice | Jam | Current Drinks | Chain Franchise | Hot Pot Brand Design and Decoration | Cash Order System, etc.

Barbecue materials: various barbecue raw materials | beef and mutton | semi-finished poultry raw materials | barbecue materials | barbecue oil, etc.
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  • Haiming International Exhibition Group
  • Shenyang Food Association
  • Liaoning Provincial Hotel Supplies Industry Association
  • Liaoning Food and Cuisine Industry Association
  • Liaoning Hotel Industry Association
  • China Hotel Association
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