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Jinan Food Expo 2019




Jinan Food Expo 2019

2019年 09月 27日 - 2019年 09月29日

Western Jinan Exhibition

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The 7th Jinan Hotpot Food Material and Supplies Exhibition in 2019 was shocked. This exhibition will pay close attention to the needs of exhibitors and audiences. It will invite 1200 suppliers from all over the country to participate with more than 1500 middle and high-end brands. The number of professional purchasers is expected to reach 60,000. The exhibition has covered the whole industrial chain of the hot pot industry in East China, North China and Northeast China. The vast radiation area is an indispensable huge consumer market for you.

Jinan Hotpot Exhibition is held in September every year, just before the golden season of the industry. It is easier to meet the demand of hotpot stores for purchasing seasonal products. It helps catering suppliers to open up markets in the whole country by promoting products in advance for the hot pot season.

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