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Jinan Food Expo 2019

2019年 09月 27日 - 2019年 09月29日

Western Jinan Exhibition

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Jinan Food and Beverage Industry Expo Moved to Jinan West International Convention and Exhibition Center


Chain Network 2019-06-19 15:13

Co-sponsored by China Hotel Association, Jinan Business Bureau and China Food Daily Shandong Food Industry, the 7th China Jinan Food Industry Expo (Jinan Food Expo for short) and organized by Jinan Xinzhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be transferred to the Western Jinan International Exhibition on September 27-29. Heart held, a new image of a larger-scale costume exhibition, warmly welcome all guests to Quancheng Jinan exhibition visit.

1. New exhibition hall, first-class facilities, and the pace of development to a new level

Jinan West International Convention and Exhibition Center was officially put into operation in July 2019, with a total floor area of 550,000 square meters, and nine exhibition halls with an exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters. The exhibition area is twice that of Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Hardware facilities of the world-class level, can undertake a larger scale of international expositions. Planning 3,000 parking spaces to meet the parking needs of tens of thousands of buyers. The location is superior, only 3 kilometers away from the high-speed railway station. It is convenient for buyers from all over the country to purchase at the conference. It is only 4 kilometers away from the high-speed entrance. It is convenient for exhibitors to arrange exhibitions and unload cargo. Let your visit to the exhibition be more convenient and smooth, and your trip to the Jinan Exhibition will surely become your pleasant business trip.

2. New image, super-large scale, complete exhibition category, one-stop shopping

Jinan Food Expo 2019 will open four exhibition halls with an exhibition area of nearly 50,000 square meters. It is expected that 1,200 exhibitors will be stationed. This exhibition is divided into eight exhibition areas according to the categories of exhibitions, namely, raw and auxiliary materials exhibition area, condiments and condiments exhibition area, hot pot food materials and supplies exhibition area, condiments exhibition area, aquatic seafood exhibition area, catering equipment and packaging exhibition area, beverage and catering Franchise Exhibition area, featured snack exhibition area, etc. It is easy for purchasers to buy all the products in one-stop shop.

3. Food and beverage consumption is high, industry advantage is great, and huge food and beverage consumption market

In 2018, the national catering income was 4271.6 billion yuan, of which the catering income of Shandong Province was 399.5 billion yuan, an increase of 10.09% year on year. Shandong ranked first in the national catering income. Shandong is also a major producer of food, condiments, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, grain and oil, meat, poultry and eggs, wine and other major provinces, with many of the first output and consumption in the country. Shandong has a population of more than 100 million people and consumption of 3 trillion people. In addition, Jinan is surrounded by provinces and cities such as Henan, Hebei, Anhui and Jiangsu, with a population of more than 300 million people. The convenient travel of high-speed, high-speed, high-speed and high-speed rail plus aircraft makes Jinan a core regional city with a huge production, circulation and consumption market.

4. The Key Points to Ensure the Success of the Exhibition

The Expo is supported by Shandong Business Department and Jinan Municipal People's Government. It is co-sponsored by China Hotel Association, China Food Daily Shandong Food Industry and Jinan Business Bureau. China Hotel Association is a national first-level industry association. It serves enterprises in the hotel and catering industry, related colleges, suppliers and enterprises in the industrial chain. It has more than 10,000 members. Jinan Business Bureau undertakes the management of catering, accommodation and other industries, and is responsible for promoting the standardization, industrialization and internationalization of Shandong cuisine and famous snacks. In order to promote the catering culture, promote the upgrading of catering consumption, and help build "the city of Shandong cuisine and gourmet food in China", many units jointly organized the 2009 Jinan Food Expo, which will continue to be held every September and become the annual grand event of the catering industry in China.

5. Numerous associations have held a grand ceremony in the catering industry, displaying the multi-plate content of the catering industry.

Shandong Cuisine Association, Jinan Hotel Industry Association, Jinan Catering Industry Association, Jinan Chain Business Association (Zhongcheng), Jinan Old Brand Association and Jinan Family Service Association will be the co-sponsors of this food fair to help the exhibition and actively organize member enterprises to participate in the exhibition and participate in procurement. During the exhibition, we will organize food exhibitions, food exhibitions, industry docking, forum summits, food exhibitions, award-giving ceremonies and other activities jointly with the organizers to enrich the content of the exhibition, increase the interaction with the audience, promote the technological exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between domestic and foreign catering upstream and downstream enterprises, and promote the healthy development of the catering industry.

6. Massive media come together to publicize brand and help build corporate image

Jinan Food Expo 2019 is supported by strong media such as China Food Daily, China New Media Alliance, Jinan Radio and Television All Media Platform, Jinan Media Port, Jinan Daily Newspaper Group and Daily News Group, as well as China Food Network, China Catering Network, China Food Equipment Machinery Network, First Exhibition Network, Food Business Network, etc. Nearly 300 professional media are competing to report. Meanwhile, Baidu, Sina. com, today's headlines, Tencent and other mainstream online media synchronize publicity. Massive news media coverage, so that many participating brands are highly displayed, help enterprises to build brand to build a high-end image of the industry.

1) Food and beverage raw materials exhibition area: meat, frozen food, frozen noodles, surimi products, Hotel specialty food materials, specialty food materials;

2) Condiments and condiments exhibition area: dipping materials, condiments, compound condiments, food additives, cooking oil, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, soy sauce, vinegar, condiment sauce, barbecue products, soup, hot pot condiments;

3) Hot pot materials and supplies: hotpot base material, special dishes, hotpot equipment, deodorizer;

4) Conditioning food exhibition area: poultry, eggs, frozen fresh meat, vegetarian food, aquatic food, etc.

5) Aquatic seafood: fresh aquatic products, seafood frozen products, seafood treasures, dried products, deep-processed products, etc.

6) Catering equipment and packaging exhibition area: catering kitchen equipment, food processing equipment, comprehensive refrigeration equipment, food packaging equipment;

7) Drinks and catering Franchise Exhibition area: ready-mixed drinks, catering chain franchise, brand design and decoration, cash order system. 2.

8) Special snack exhibition area: Chinese old brands, Liaoning old brands, inheritors of snack skills, intangible cultural heritage.
9. Make an appointment with Jinan to gather wisdom and set sail for a feast in Quancheng.

There are numerous catering exhibitions held all over the country, but not many exhibitions with large scale and good results. Many enterprises spend a lot of money and make little profit. In line with the business philosophy of making customers do business more convenient through the exhibition, Jinan Food Expo will make every effort to increase investment, organize the exhibition according to the principle of "government guidance, market operation". We will make every effort to build an important professional exhibition trading platform in the northern region, focusing on new products, new technologies and new technologies, so that every one of them can enjoy the opportunity. All participants have harvested the benefits of making the exhibition platform bigger and more excellent enterprises show on the exhibition platform. They really help exhibitors to do business more conveniently through the exhibition, help industry development and help catering upgrade. On September 27-29, Jinan West International Convention and Exhibition Center looks forward to your coming. Jinan gathered wisdom and set sail for a feast in Quancheng.

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